Apr 24

Victoria Secret Lingerie Become Sexy Decorations

The American lingerie brand victoria secret could be called the myth and fashion of Synonym, it is not only an lingerie brand, but also it is one of the most famous Decoration that can make women crazy in the world. Victoria secret is popular in the world, it become the vane of global sexy lingerie, its parent company share price has been hitting record highs. Over the years, the victorias secret lingerie industry revolution in the United States, and it is steadily marching on the road to success, Because Victorias Secret positioning in the sexy and fashion charm.

As a lingerie brand, victorias secret is consideration to the requirement of lingerie that which many women consumers. At the beginning of the Victoria’s secret brand building, social environment is relatively conservative, almost all the underwear is white cotton functional product, show female beauty and sexy underwear is very little. For a long time, female consumers from underwear products is more of a function on the basic content, emotional and spiritual meet is obtained by beautiful victoria secret lingerie appeal did not pay more attention to it.

It is to see the the demand of consumers, Victoria’s secret is not positioned to become comfortable underwear brand, but to set the core of brand positioning in the “sexy”, “fashion”, “charm”, which laid the foundation for its future success. Lingerie as necessities of life, a woman will consider more when buy its, women’s natural for the pursuit of beauty so they are very thirst for sexy lingerie of victorias secret canada show ego can be, at a time when the conservative market was not able to meet the demands of female consumers this brand.

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Apr 21

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie With New Colors

Many victorias secret angels are present competition problems, after all, the show reward becomes the astronomical figures that let them use more power enough. This year sensation Miranda denunciation led to numerous guess those flaps dimension secret angels are gone? Leave this much-anticipated victorias secret outlet stage exactly what the impact on them?

Victoria secret’s stage rear left forefoot divorced, the former victorias secret angel and elf prince is considered by many people to completely end the fairy tale love. The early termination of Miranda and Victoria secret decade-long contract, I do not know whether this is a News, just like her beautiful love with Orlando Bloom has failed to last long.

Victoria’s Secret has released a “victorias secret color” named after a series of underwear, once the effect of breast underwear owned this series, after the so-called wear, cup will immediately upgrade two cup sizes. Supermodel Miranda see photo below, you will immediately understand where the magic bra.

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Apr 18

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Let People Full Of Hope

Victoria’s secret is one of the world’s famous underwear brand, the style is gorgeous and sexy, elegant and warm and the breath of a bit of a tease, the victoria secrets underwears are suitable for more mature women. Victoria’s secret is a brand can create myth, her fashion underwear show amazing and sexy every year. It creatively introduced new material new product line.

It is fashionable as one of the world’s best underwear brand, year after year to create the miracle of the fashion underwear show. Victoria’s secret new underwear continuation of the usual style, it is comfortable and sexy, let the ladies have a high quality of sleep. More victoria secret underwears are design many stylish products not only to attract the attention of numerous ladies. Victoria’s secret design team created an unprecedented record of success.

It creatively introduced new material new product line. Now victorias secret uk product range includes a lingerie, pajamas and all kinds of form a complete set of clothing, luxury shorts, perfume, cosmetics and related books, etc., it is one of the world’s most famous, sexy underwear brand. Victoria’s secret has cold gorgeous, elegant proud head, and the mysterious can inspire more people hidden the bottom of my heart desire.

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Apr 16

Victoria’s Secret Brand Positioning

Have a sense of lace material are the number of Victoria style. Fine lace is a manual, it has haute couture precious feeling. The victorias secret has been highly regarded in the UK. Can you see the top fashion underwear show in American, how nice the swimsuit is, I love them as a part of my life. In a unique style, color, design and fashion, the brand has become a Symbol around the world.

Victoria secret’s style relatively conservative respect in 19th century, aesthetic feeling, often using layered techniques build couples sexy feeling, it can add a scoop-back design, etc. Bowknot is also the important symbol of the Victorian era, if you love victoria secret underwear, they have more exquisite styles.

Victoria’s secret products include ladies underwear, pajamas, and various kinds of form a complete set of clothing, luxury shorts, perfumes, cosmetics, books, etc. With superior grade and extremely keen business acumen, the brand Consumers are positioning in the adolescent, especially young women, then Victoria secret was more and more famous for young women

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Apr 12

Victoria Secret Lingerie Century Event

In 1995, the first held in Victoria secret fashion show, it is a global media coverage for the “Century underwear event.” In 1999, after advertising during the Super Rugby tournament, Victoria secret broadcasting company hit a record, while fashion show live broadcast in Times Square, which attracted 1.5 billion viewers.

In 2000, the fashion show was held in Cannes, France. During the Cannes Film Festival for the anti- HIV charities to raise funds up to $ 3.5 billion. In 2001, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show for the first time on ABC television broadcast. Attracted numerous visitors, but also mid-level intellectual controversy. Federal Communications Bureau received numerous complaints audience programs.

In 2004, the Victoria secret fashion show a change in the year, the nation’s four major cities in angels tour. In 2005, Rutgers University drum band more at the end of the fashion show cameos. It was also the last game of the Atayal Banks dimensional dense T station performance. 2007, for the first time after the return of the Spice Girls on stage at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show performance, achieve significant results.

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Apr 10

The First Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Store

In 1977, Economics Roy Raymond graduated from Stanford School of founded in San Francisco, California-dimensional dense. He felt in a large crowd to buy lingerie for his wife rather embarrassing. So he opened the first store at Stanford Shopping Center, and the rapid increase in mail-order catalogs and three shops. The store is designed to create a comfortable environment for men to buy.

Wood walls, it is filled with Victoria era atmosphere, as well as helpful Purchasing Guide. Covered a variety of yardage on the shelf bra and panties unlike ordinary lingerie shop, which stores all kinds of style style, complete with underwear, decorated on the wall. Men just buy it according to style, and then by the Purchasing Guide for help choosing the right size, you can take the finished product inventories in the background.

In 1982, after five years of operation, Roy Raymond sold the company to The Limited Company. The Limited Company maintained a complete personalized image-dimensional dense. Victoria secret to the rapid expansion of the nation’s major mall in the 1980s. The Limited company also will expand the scope of business to shoes, evening wear, perfume and other products, mail order catalog issued eight times a year.

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Apr 08

Luxury Miracle Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Brand

Victoria’s Secret, a rage, the world’s leading lingerie brand, year after year create a miracle lingerie fashion show. Trendy Victoria’s Secret fashion show, beautiful and moving caused frenzy in the world, more and more people know the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret fashion show held once every year, every fashion show will cause restless world this very famous underwear brand.

Victoria’s Secret is a myth can create brand underwear fashion show year after year her stunning, sexy. Victoria’s Secret lingerie is a luxury brand, lingerie fashion show is very precious, and expensive, the annual deduction underwear styles are different, each year the theme is also different, every fashion show have in common is luxurious, gorgeous, it is full of charm and sexy. Victoria’s Secret lingerie rapid development in the world.

Victoria Secret Fashion show detail almost have reached perfection. In this feast the same time, more people a taste of the ” hip-hop and sexy ,” the American culture. Each angel models are confident, Victoria’s Secret lingerie style is very classic, but very popular, and more and more women concerned about the perfect lingerie brand.

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Apr 04

Victoria’s Secret Leading Lingerie Brand In The World

2005, Victoria’s Secret launch with television, Internet and other media to TV Fashion Show in the United States, trendy fashion shows, not surprisingly beautiful and moving caused frenzy in the world, Victoria’s Secret is getting attention, regardless of man or woman liked this brand, not just because of the model’s charm posture, as well as fashion underwear.

On the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, underwear seems already exceeded their original meaning of existence, and become a grand and magnificent build fairy mood elements. Since the establishment of the day, it has become a Victoria’s Secret charm, romance, conniving, and synonymous with women’s underwear. Victoria’s Secret lingerie to meet the needs of sexy women.

Lycheepink represent the company’s brand new home fashion concept – like pink lychee, gently remove the stiffness of the shell, to fully enjoy the fresh soft home new life, the kind of freedom at home and cozy been fully expressed, not feelings hardcore style in the modern workplace. In completely lead styles, colors, designs, has become the world marveled female fashion brand.

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Apr 02

Ten Million Famous Victoria’s Secret Bra

fashion show, each adorned with seven diamonds, while the value of 7 million to 12 million U.S. dollars, an instant worldwide attention. Expensive bra on Victoria’s Secret lingerie show models wearing angel who feel very sexy, there is no lack of fashion sense.

They produce bra breaking the Guinness world record four aspects of women’s underwear. Mouawad smiled and admitted, “Yes, so far, we have not sold one, but people have been asked to call us is not to give them a different size bra, yes, we could of.” Victoria’s Secret fashion show presented by the beautiful to the world.

Famous American lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret produced the latest autumn a luxurious bras, worth ten million U.S. dollars, was named Dreams & Fantasies. This lavish fantasy bra from 18 carat gold to create their precious inlaid 4200 diamond jewelry decorated with all kinds of luxury brand Mouawad provide ruby, diamond, yellow agate.

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Mar 31

Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel With Hard Work

Victoria’s Secret is one of the United States swept the world’s top lingerie brands. Founded in the early 1970s, under the well-known U.S. manufacturer of high-end apparel Intimate Brands Group. In a unique style, color, design guidance, has become the world marveled female fashion brand.

Tht product range includes lingerie, bras, underwear, swimwear and more. With great taste and superior business acumen, the company will operate the brand positioning in young people, especially young women. The Victoria secret angels are the most vivid models of the brand spokesperson. November 13, 2007, Victoria secret angel became the first Hollywood Walk of Fame unnamed trademark.

Angel face and devil’s body, plus the perfect height ratios, taste in clothes, which can make the Victoria’s Secret Angels became popular. Not only is the innate advantages behind this countless times more supermodel unimaginable practice and hard work. Let’s take a look at the most popular 10 Victoria’s Secret Angels supermodel.

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